May 23rd, 2023

By the time you wake and read this, 4-year old Conor’s 4th brain surgery will be well under way at Boston Children’s. It is his 4th surgery in less than 4-years, he was diagnosed at 6-months. This surgery is likely to take anywhere from 8-15 hours.

Thank you to the entire Boston team, hospital and beyond, for making it happen for the family. They will be in Boston for an extended time. Much more help will be needed. But, they are here, he is alive, and he is in the best damn hands possible. Two week ago, the “other team,” said he’d be gone. Not in our house.

The Celtics may have lost tonight, but Titletown U.S.A. is about much more than just sports.

Stay tuned. I will update when I am able to. This kid is a rockstar. And he loved, LOVED, Fenway! Thank you Colin.

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