Aug 31st, 2023

Layla is improved this week, we checked her hearing today, and FINALLY are having her party November 4th outside at a cool venue in Encinitas (photos attached).

We believe we have gotten to the bottom of Layla’s gait/balance being off, which is also causing massive hearing loss in her left ear, middle ear fluid. It is causing a MASSIVE 50 decibel amount of hearing loss, so when it clears, audiology told us we will get it back. Yay for temporary because we can deal with that no problem! Audiology can run tests on middle, and inner ear by bypassing middle ear, to truly get an accurate picture of her hearing with or without fluid present. Cool technology! It can take 3-months to clear so hopefully that happens and we don’t need intervention which, normally is low risk but radiated patients it’s not quite 1-2%, some say 50/50 of having a perforated ear drum. No thanks, we will wait and get her hearing aids for the interim and only intervene if we absolutely need to. School will also assist they said (they have been ALLLLLL hands on deck!). Her right ear did have fluid too on the July 31 MRI but it cleared by the time we saw the ENT on August 15.

So, the main event, Saturday November 4th, at an outdoor venue in Encinitas. I toured the event space and after I did, my creative light bulb went off and I said screw it, so I went and made a MASSIVE ask for the main entertainment to highlight / close out the last several hours of the event. I figured I had a 1% chance of even getting a response. Phone rang next morning and we talked, agreement made.

This is just SO FREAKING COOL! No one reading this will likely ever experience this ever again in our lifetimes in this way. What is it? Not telling. Why? If I let it be put out there it would spread like wildfire and we’d have a thousand yahoo’s that we don’t want, gobbling up tickets and making it a circus. So I need to think more about this, if I do put it out there, how to? Hahaha, what a problem to have doing something so epic it has to be a secret. So don’t ask, anyone, I won’t even tell my own Mother :).

Details are coming and working on making tickets on sale. We do need volunteers to help plan and execute the event. So get in touch if you have serious party planning skills. We also need local companies donate food and LOTS of booze! Parking is limited so we are highly encouraging ride sharing! We will be showcasing all of the Cancer Revenger products and they will be available to purchase.

See the picture of the space attached. It is a blank canvass to set up the AV and other stuff however we want. There WILL be a video presentation tribute to Layla, right before the main entertainment for the night, that I will be putting together myself so bring the tissues and sunglasses to sneak in the tear wipes of the eyes :)

Have a great Labor Day!

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