Sept 29th, 2023

The November 4th "FUN(d)raiser" event in Encinitas, CA for Layla is officially on! Go to , and view attached flyer, to get on the first come, first serve ticket access list once we make online ticketing live late next week. This event WILL sell out and likely will do so FAST once we make tickets available. The event will be at Farm Lab in Encinitas, CA on Saturday November 4th, from 4PM-9PM.

We are encouraging this to be a "mostly adult" event, and are encouraging a couples date night. Layla will be there though, with some of her buddies/classmates so we would hate to see those who have trouble finding a sitter not come, but all attending do need tickets (except for the little little ones latched to mommy or along those lines). We have a lot in the works with more coming as we run up to it but as is, this will be a little something for everyone throughout the night with two different kinds of entertainment going simultaneously as get into the main parts of the event after the video presentation of Layla's Journey which I plan for around 6PM. Sorry in advance for the tears but they will be flowing.

Farm Lab has a main area space that is huge and open as well as a pretty darn nice and spacious secondary space with some nice decking, picnic tables and that's where the bathrooms are. We will be utilizing both spaces and beer/wine WILL be served (cash bar) throughout. We have the option to add spirits/hard alcohol but are thinking keep it simple. But if we get enough comments to have the hard stuff too or to add something like Sangria, send a note and let us know. Otherwise we'll keep it below 20% alcohol unless we see demand for otherwise :)

There is room for a lot of people but a lot of people love this kid! Some of her medical team have even said they plan to come and it will be a very, very special night. One may look at each of the particulars on the surface and say it'll be a pretty good night, but trust me, I know what you don't and am going to tie it all together in a multitude of ways that will make sense and leave a lasting impression. I've attached some pictures of the actual main space, can fit 300+ people.

At the end of the day, some know Layla and some don't. And whether you leave knowing Layla, or not, we want you leaving saying, "I totally get Layla now." This is about her battle, her breaking records, busting through barriers, the kids that are alive that otherwise would not be because of her, and so much more. Just go to the link below and enter your email to sign up and secure your access to the tickets once they become live:

Thank you all for the support as always! And if any want to volunteer to help with the rest of the planning or help the day of the event, please do send a note. Thanks!

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