Aug 18th, 2023

Layla is back-to-school, FULL TIME, Seattle is ready for us, Conor had another clean MRI, and we're sending beanies to Cancer Camps, the ones you all gifted to kids, to the Four Seasons who is hosting them!

So yeah, school is back in session as of this past Tuesday, and Layla not only went but to our surprise, went the full day every day except for yesterday, when she went in for treatment! Couldn't quite believe it but then again, not a shocker because she's sooooooooooo sick of adults and you can tell just loves being around kids her age.

Seattle's new innovative immunotherapy is now live, and they are ready for us! We head up September 25th. This is THE ONE we have all been waiting for when I first heard of it a year ago. They said March 2023 then so that's why we held of on doing radiation because I said, it'll likely get delayed, so we have to make it to June, just in case. We made it to exactly then, and I was scared to death we would never make it to Seattle for this because she started showing digression around June 20. But her last MRI was amazing so HERE WE GO!

Previously Seattle ran 3 of these trials, called BrainChild (1, 2 and 3) but each trial targeted just one genomic target. This is all three of those, AT ONCE, plus a 4th, BrainChild 4. What is interesting is, Layla's drug screen of 200+ FDA approved drugs, showed that her cancer cells are susceptible to a variety of classes of drugs. So multiple classes, multiple targets maybe? What is interesting, with her current regimen, which we switched to on June 26, is a variety of different types of drugs. So there is evidence that this approach, may all work. So we'll go, they will draw her blood through a line in her neck, arterial, pull out her T Cells, or attack cells, send them off for duplicating by the tens of billions (manufacturing), and then freeze it to store it for if/when we need it. What is interesting though is, her prior immunotherapy, she did have a T cell immune response her study blood did show and that cleared the most concerning lesion and it never came back. But others did grow in size and more grew in. But that was utilizing just her own immune system. Now imagine doing that plus giving her tens of billions of additional attackers, targeting multiple targets, two of which we KNOW she expresses for? Highly interesting. "But we hope you never need us," is their AWESOME attitude, so we will come back and continue our current course for however long and only go back to Seattle if we need to because the current course is not longer working.

And our homeboy Conor? The one given two weeks to live by his home team that we said hell no and sent to Boston? He had another clear MRI two days ago!! 2.5 months since his Boston, "Where the World Comes for Answers" is their slogan, surgery. And he is loving life, having a good summer and just being a kid as it should be!

Lots of positives going on and Layla gets bolder by the day. This thing wanted a fight, but clearly, so does she! Btw, we are going to be adding a product, an awesome fleece blanket, to the site next week. See attached. I had to put the image sideways because gofundme is so weird with their attachments. It is a 60" x 50" super soft, thin, lightweight (22 oz) but WARM fleece Cancer Revengers blanket, perfect to take on a plane, for a picnic, watch a sunset on a beach, or just watch a movie at home! I'll send a note next week when it is live for pre-order. It'll ship in about 2- weeks.

Thank you all and have a good weekend! And thanks to those that tuned into the Instagram live earlier!

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