Apr 21st, 2023

WE HAD A GOOD MRI!!!!!!! This is one update you'll want to read IN FULL! The little @$$ kicking machine's brain and spine lesions all have one of two things in common, all stable or starting to show signs of shrinking and there is no ambiguity. It was supposed to take the teams many days to interpret the post radiation MRI, as they can be super messy at this stage, but this was clear as day! What a way to end the week! Now if we can just get the Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics to all win tonight!

The Cancer Revengers launch is going well and thanks for the support! Bracelets are a HOT item but we could DEFINITELY use some help selling off the beanies, so if anyone has any ideas please let us now! Her school sold almost 600 so we thought they would take off but they haven't, we've sold less than 50. So any help or ideas there would be awesome because we have over 1,000 to move through as I look at maybe baseball hats and t-shirts next.

Yesterday we shipped our first "gift a beanie," purchased by you all and then gifted to a child battling brain cancer, a family I am actively helping, so thank you so much for that!

WOWWW!!!!!! WOW!!! W-O-W!

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