Hi everyone.

One just has to start off by saying wow, wow WOW! The outpouring of support is overwhelming! To say that this was a great week for Layla is an understatement. Here are some highlights:

- We cannot believe the donations thus far, wow, thank you!
- Her outlook is significantly improved after the second surgery
- She had a CT scan on Monday AM which shows not only no growth of the tumor, but no tumor! MRI in a few weeks will confirm but "remarkably clean" is what was described
- Proton therapy started this week and she is showing no side effects. They said that she is the youngest patient ever to do the treatments without sedation
- Layla's parents are very happy with the proton therapy radiation team, especially the Dr. who called for an unscheduled MRI which resulted in the second operation, which was a success
- Upon driving home from Tuesday's proton therapy, Make-A-Wish called and said that they have accepted Layla to their program, and will grant her a wish, whatever she wants
- Yesterday, Layla received her second Moderna shot as part of the trial for 6-11 year olds. She is only 1 of 60 kids in all of San Diego County to participate
- In the trial, 75% receive vaccine and 25% receive placebo.
- Around 6PM last night, Layla was reportedly quite cranky, tired, her arm hurt, and she had the chills. Her temperature was taken and her parents, odd as this is but it is a sign of the times, nearly did cartwheels when it revealed a low grade fever of 99.6F. All sure signs that she is now fully vaccinated!!

It is about time this poor kid and this poor family had a string of good news. There are no major hurdles in the short term and they want to get around to thanking all of you.

The biggest way any and all can help is by sharing this campaign with friends via text, social media, email and so on. Please help us spread this cause.

There should be some news of some auctions in Layla's name as well as some media outlets providing coverage soon.

More to come and thanks again!

Team Layla

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