Nov 30th, 2023

This is a historic moment. The pediatric cancer paradigm shift is upon us. Layla became a world first today, having her fresh brain cancer tissue type tested aginst 200 FDA approved drugs, and then following a theoretical personalized roadmap based on those tests, and this is key, to have it actually start to work. Her cancer remains, but it has once again responded (shrunk). See attached, to see for yourself.

It just became official, but I've known for about 6-hours but wanted to wait for the professionals to take their time and chime in. More to come tomorrow, but I'll be on CBS and very likely other networks next week sharing this amazing news. This will become a clinical trial in early 2024, that is cemented now as she validated the theory behind it. "Daddy, what time am I on TV tonight," round 2 media tour, is inbound.

My mind is blown, I can barely type and we will be starting a new gofundme because at the onset of this recurrence, her odds were 1 in 1,000 at best, maybe 10,000. Now, I'd say it's 1 in 10, maybe even 1 in 5. So she will be nowhere farther than 6" from me at all times except when in clinic with her mother.

We were giving her drugs 119 and 114 from her list directly into the brain. We aw massive response from those June 26 to July 31. When we hit the wall last month, before her event, we said, let's move up to #64 but double down on it, give it directly into the brain twice in four weeks, and smash right through it. We did. We started this just 25-days ago.

We will be starting a new gofundme because we have work to do, and it is quite simply, to finish the job, to be 100%, laser focused. Much more to come but I want every person to know one of two things, if everyone on this list read this, anywhere from 700 - 1,100 of you will get cancer, if you haven't already. But secondly, this is what you did. I'll say it again, this is what you did. I didn't do this, I'm just the plane, she's the pilot. But for every airman or airwoman flying at the speed of sound, there's 100 to 1,000 people supporting them. That's you all. Thank you, now let's hit the afterburners.

Welcome to Mach 11.

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