Feb 21st, 2023

Big week ahead for Layla, MRI on Friday. We are definitely in extra innings here and the score is either still tied, we have gone up by a run, or we are down by a run and need to score or else. It is unmistakably the fork in the road moment now that radiation is over. It’s either working and we continue on to Georgia to continue the Indoximod immunotherapy trial, or it is not and we have to get super aggressive. She’s doing very well, has been enjoying school and most recently the team has recommended we start weening her off the meds to control the radiation induced nausea/vomiting. Over the weekend though, she showed up bigtime so she is completely off the key one, steroids, and will be off all but one (Zofran - minimal side effects unlike all the others) come end of week. MRI is late in the day Friday so I may not see it myself until Monday. But given the radiation, and quite often treatment related changes that go on, best to rely on the experts who will review and notify me over the weekend or late Friday. Will keep everyone posted when I am able but I am not sure when that will be.

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