Feb 14th, 2023

Layla completed radiation today. She vehemently refused to ring the bell because “it is not the real one,” and instead proceeded straight back to school. Time for another visit to North Island . Please join us in wishing her the best and congratulations on graduating from radiation for the second time in 15 months; 33 rounds in 2021 and 35 rounds this time for a total of 68, all the while kicking it’s ass almost the entire time, both times.

Ever since she crashed on December 3rd, it has been bloody hell, full on with no break. We held the puke bucket a good 60-70 times during the 20 rounds of whole brain and spine radiation from December 19th to January 19th but that mostly ended when those were done and we started the 3 targeted spine boosts. We were told that the 12 targeted brain boosts could trigger it all again, but it did not, and instead she went the other direction, started going to school basically every day followed by an hour of tutoring at home and just being, Layla.

And look at what the radiation team at UCSD gave her as parting gifts. Time for a call sign, my vote?


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