July 31st, 2023

Layla's tumors all have 1 of 2 things in common, they've shrunk by 8-70% or have disappeared entirely. It wanted a fight; it got a world war instead. Please consider donating again to help us hunt down the answers not only for Layla, but for Conor, a new patient heading to Boston and another that I found out is still alive 7-months after his team too had the end-of-life conversation with his Mom, having taken my advice.

Today's MRI was day 729, tomorrow is day 730, 2-years to the day that all this started on 8/1/2021 when the Drs. came into the ER room and said, "the CT scan came back abnormal, there is a mass." And in a twist of irony, if you look at the title of this gofundme created 22-months ago…“Help Layla Pioneer A World-First Brain Cancer Cure.”

Mach meter? 10.9. See attached images of the largest tumor June 18 vs. today. The Cancer Revenger Drs. are absolutely losing their minds left and right. But we have much more work to do which is why we need your support once again.

Thank you!

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