July 7th, 2023

We have good news on two fronts! But first, PLEASE go to www.cancerrevengers.com, 20% off until Sunday, and check out 20 new products supporting kids with cancer! We have summer baseball hats/caps, t-shirts, bracelets, beanies, etc. We are running 20% off + free shipping on orders over $100 until this Sunday, my birthday. I never talk about my birthday much, I don't really care, it is just another day. I've always more so used it to get people together to have a party for all. But if you want to do something for me, please, instead, support the kids and help us launch this brand! Sample images attached. If you don't see anything you'd like but want to help, click on "Become A Revenger," and you can gift a product that we will give to a kid battling cancer. we're working with the Four Seasons on some of their cancer camps and many of those gifts will go to those camps.

So, the good news. First, the little Michigan boy, who was given two weeks to live by his team there, that we sent to Boston for surgery? He had an MRI a month after surgery and it is all clear! He's loving summer and having fun! This is what it is all about and what we are doing here, what you're supporting and frankly, helped give me the time/space to create.

Second, Layla did "lose some ground" (areas of function - balance/memory/speech) with her cancer progressing, a shocking 4-months after completing radiation (wish we never did it - what a waste!). She has gained a decent amount of it back, but not yet all. We are going to do hyperbaric oxygen treatment, 30-sessions total, 2-3 hours each, to hopefully help restore the rest and more by sending 100% healing oxygen to the wounded parts of her brain. She seems to be responding well to this new customized treatment, which is great to see, so this should hopefully enhance that. Things could turn in a second and her next MRI is in several weeks but clinically, she's showing signs of improving.

Thank you all for the support as always. We, hopefully, have a long, long, long road ahead. We are absolutely exhausted, spent in every way, but so long as she shows the will, we will fight like hell.

Note, the cancer revengers site and this gofundme are not at all in any way associated (they make me say this). :)

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