Oct 16th, 2023

Kids no longer need tickets for the 11/4 event, they are free (but let us know for headcount). Adult tickets are at www.cancerrevengers.com/layla Date night is still encouraged, but feedback was tickets for kids was cost prohibitive. So rather than have folks who want to attend not do so, we decided to remove the barrier for those that can't find a sitter with the short notice, etc. But email me at [email redacted] once you have purchased your adult tickets, with the name of your kiddo(s) so we have the right headcount which we do need for the vendors to bring enough food. Attached is the updated flyer with details on the night with is getting VERY Top Gunny by the minute ;)

Layla had a successful procedure last week to install an ear tube in her left ear. She had middle ear fluid for some time causing gait/balance disturbance as well as some speech shakiness and short term memory issues. When she would get a cold, that would really tip the scales and make it much worse. Conversely, when we put her on steroids, she would improve from baseline quite a bit. So we really honed in on this middle ear fluid being the likely culprit of most or some of the issues. Thus far, a few days in we are seeing improvements. She has not had her bi-weekly infusion of Avastin, which reduces inflammation, for 3-weeks and we noticed she needed it about every 11-12 days, so it would "wear off" a bit and she'd perk up on day 15 once she got it again. She will get that today, day 22, so we shall see what that does but overall, while her balance is still off, it is improving.

Hope to see you all at the event! And once again, we are encouraging a date night, but if you need to bring the kids, just bring them, they are free. But email me at [email redacted] with you child name(s).

Thank you all as always for all the support! Let's have one heck of a time on November 4th!


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