Oct 11th, 2023

If anyone definitely wants to attend Layla's Nov. 4 fundraiser (4-9PM), DEFINITELY buy tickets by this Sunday at www.cancerrevengers.com/layla as Top Gun Maverick is the feature and the local media will begin promoting it early next week. Given that San Diego is Fightertown U.S.A., where both Top Gun movies were filmed, word of the event may spread and fast. And yes, real life Naval Aviators WILL be in attendance. I mean, gotta be sure you hit the bar minimum, right? :)

Entertainment area 2 will be the live music of classics covers and originals by Sunday Morning Sidewalk, and we'll run both at the same time so there is something for everyone as the event space is expansive. So if you want to come, get your tickets before that all happens. And what if it rains? This is San Diego, it rains 1-day a month in November on average. And what if it is cold? This is SAND iego, not the north pole :)

Also, Layla's, and a few other local schools, are also going to start sending the ticket link out by email on Friday as well. So lots of attention to it is inbound, space is limited, and when it sells out, it sells out. We really, truly hope to see all family and friends there, plenty of which we have not seen in 4+ years due to Covid, and then right as we were getting ready to get back to life, boom, brain tumor world is upon us.

See attached flyer along with photos from when Layla rang the bell back in February at the real Top Gun bar. We are really looking forward to seeing you all, and if you have plans, trust me, they aren't as fun or nearly as cool as this, so CANCEL THEM! :)

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