June 5th, 2023

Start your Monday with a smile as this little Michigan boy, is, at home in Michigan! They left Boston yesterday, just 5-days after the incredible team at Boston Children’s, the #1 Children’s Hospital in the world 9-years in a row, completed what most called impossible. Thank you for all the support and helping with travel/housing arrangements. The result was astounding and their stay in Boston was far shorter than anticipated! His brain tissue is here in San Diego now and we are testing it for what drug combinations may help continue this historic fight! We will have results and recommendations in just 20-days and I’ll be at the lab checking in on things next week.

Layla is doing great by the way. Big MRI later this month and results will take several days as we are also checking her cerebral spinal fluid for any cancer cells (that’s how it spread initially) and that will take the normal/typical testing several days but I am also taking something to the same lab mentioned above where we can dive much, much deeper.

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