June 25th, 2023

We have good news and bad news. Layla’s cerebral spinal fluid cancer cells have been neutralized, MRI is mostly stable, but one thin area lining the brainstem is thicker and symptomatic. A stroke of pure luck though, already has her on a new treatment, just three days later, which she has really perked up on in a way we have not seen since March. We started the first parts of it only 48-hours ago and the rest begins tomorrow.

We’re going to need A LOT of help going forward. I have not worked in a year and now, with this, there is no chance I will anytime soon. I’ll share details on exactly what we’d like to call on everyone to help us do (it is really cool), outside of donating AGAIN (I HATE asking), early next week.

She’s already had 75+ appointments this year, and over the next 12-months, IF she responds to this treatment by stabilizing or having tumors shrink, she will have a minimum of 120 more appointments (all local to San Diego but that's still 7,000+ miles). See attached image of the area that is thicker. We had thought this area to be stable and possibly be inflammation 10-days ago, but 6-days ago we noticed symptoms and this area was NOT boosted by radiation, too sensitive, so we made a quick call to make the change.

I know this sucks to read, but a series of random events unfolded which has given us insights into something potentially groundbreaking, the last of which I have been requesting for months and someone, somewhere, must have said something because it hit my inbox Friday morning. I’ll be sharing the next update in video in addition to the written form in case any have the desire to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Trust me, you’ll want to hear this. Thank you as always for the endless support!

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